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The 52 Barbados project 2015

One of my new year's resolutions is to take a portrait of each of my three children, every week throughout 2015, the year we're living in Barbados. It's something that I've always wanted to do, but it's also about noticing and recording the effect our environment here in the Caribbean is having on each of us.

There's no doubt that, as my children grow and change, their life here on the beach, by the sea, in the sun, is shaping them. So here are my first two installments, #1 and #2.

Week #1

Oscar: Always in the sea. Swimming, diving, body boarding. He loves it. We went to our local beach on Sunday late in the afternoon. Alex and I sat on the sand and drank rum punch while the kids played.

Iris: Saturday morning playdoh on the verandah. She made me a 'gingerbread' man and put it on a plate. We're also starting potty training...

Lila: North Point - the most northerly point of the island in St Lucy - is her favourite place in Barbados. She asked to go there on Monday because we all had a day off. She says it reminds her of England.

Week #2 Beach fun with our first lot of visitors this year.

Lila - Playing imaginary pokemon games with one of her closest friends

Oscar - Sand boy. He always manages to get covered when we're at the Tiki bar on Friday night.

Iris - She was cross because she wanted to build the sandcastle all by herself. She didn't want Oscar to help.

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