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52 project/ #8

52 Barbados: a weekly photographic record of each of my children in 2015, the year we're living in Barbados. Week #8

The atmosphere has been very different this week with Alex travelling and our visitors gone.

When I'm on my own with the kids I find that we slip into a different rhythm. The routine changes partly out of necessity - I have no back up so I suddenly become much more efficient and organised. But things aso become a bit calmer. A bit more subdued.

Mornings are the most hectic time of the day. And even though it's always warm here when I wake and getting out of bed to the promise of blue sky and the sound of birdsong is a true pleasure, it always feels like a race against the clock. If I do manage to make it out of the house by 7am with all three bags, lunchboxes and children, I feel like it's going to be a good day.

Iris: The only one who thumb sucks (the other two were very fond of their dummies) and always has done. Like I did as a young child.

Lila: Always reading. Just starting to get into Harry Potter.

Oscar: We visited the beach after school. He was the only one to swim (the girls found it too cold).

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