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Kidspiration #1

One/ I've decided that Saltwater sandals (pictured on Iris) are THE BEST child friendly sandals. Ever. Yes, they're a bit pricey but if you're planning on a shoe buying trip to Clarks you'll probably end up spending roughly the same on something way inferior.

Made from high quality leather specially treated to withstand sea water, anti-rust brass buckles and hand stitched rubber and plastic composite soles, they're highly durable (perfect for island life) and the fact that they look cute and very stylish on little feet is an added bonus. They come in a dazzling array of colours and style options including some cool boys options.

Two/ I'm TRYING to weave regular muffin/ cookie baking into my weekly schedule. Just so the kids have something tasty, filling and free of hydrogenated fat/ high fructose corn syrup to put in their lunch boxes. This is the best nut free muffin recipe I've tried (my kids love it) and these are still the cookie mainstay in our house.

Three/ My recently turned ten-years-old girl, Lila, is growing up. It's obvious, I know, but there are particular challenges associated with this new, pre teen stage. I've been thinking about how to help her through the changes that lie ahead and this and this book seem like good places to start.

Four/ It's been a tough week with Iris adjusting to a new nursery. There have been lots of tears at drop off in the mornings and tiredness, tantrums and sibling squabbles in the evenings. The advice and techniques on this website are so reassuring and inspiring. This article on positive parenting has been especially helpful.

Five/ Weekends with three children can be hectic and tough, even when you have a Caribbean beach at the end of your road. Planning a few quiet activities seems to be the key to avoiding boredom and meltdowns, even though it's hard to find the discipline to do this before we hit Friday night! This is the perfect homemade toy for Lila to have a go at making and these ocean themed crafts are ideal for the two younger ones.

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