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Mumspiration #1

One/ We're in the middle of the humid summer/ rainy season in Barbados right now and hot, balmy evenings call for tart, refreshing gin and tonics! I'm a little bit obsessed with finding out how to perfect my G&T technique and this method sounds spot on.

Two/ I am feeling really inspired by Ted Talks these days. I gained some really useful insights, had my perceptions challenged and picked up some helpful work tips. Much better for the soul than Netflix.

Three/ These shoes are perfect for living in an endless summer. I love the soft tan leather that goes with everything and the fact they're ethically made. And the fact that my Havianas broke when I got out of the car yesterday gives me a very good excuse to make a new purchase...

Four/ I'm obsessed with the band, The Staves. I can't stop listening to their latest album. Produced by Bon Iver (Justin Vernon) it's just brilliant. But they also live next door to our house in the UK, so I am a bit biased. And yes, I was star struck every time I saw one of them on the street.

Five/ The refugee crisis that's currently engulfing Europe is equally fascinating and appaling. The fact that I live away from the UK definitely colours my perspective on the debate that's raging in the media. This piece in The Guardian lays out some of the facts.

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