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Eat in the heat #7 The best mango milkshake. Ever.

Mango milkshake mania has hit our house. Yes, it seems that the blender is always on whizzing up this ever popular drink. Ice cold, creamy, thick and delicious, it's no wonder that my son asks for it the minute he gets in from school. He doesn't realise that it's super healthy unlike the syrupy fruit concotions he loves to drink when we're out and about.

And when it's so, so hot and there are mangoes on the trees in our garden, on the trees in our friend's gardens, being sold on top of metal drums by the side of the road, and piled up high in the supermarket, you've got to find something good to do with them.

Makes enough for two large milkshakes or four, for small people.


Flesh from two ripe mangoes

2 cups almond milk

1 cup of plain fat free yoghurt

1 tbsp chia seeds

Handful ice cubes

Raw honey (to taste)

Add all the ingredients to the blender and whizz until smooth. Serve in glasses with straws and enjoy. This also works very well with other milks (including cow's, coconut, rice). So mix it up according to your preferences.

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