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Here and there #1

1. and 2. We have a new underwater camera and we're having a lot of pool fun with it. Sea next.

3. Weekend breakfast treat: homemade baked banana donuts with a chocolate glaze. Recipe coming soon. Watch this space!

4, 5. 6. The Barbados surfing championships. We had a lot of fun watching the amazing surfers tackle the east coast waves. Beer and snack tents made the early morning start a doddle.

7. Oscar and Iris playing in the sand on Cattlewash beach. I love the way her head is resting on his knee a little bit.

8. Stunning east coast beach vista. Look how different it is to the south and west coasts of Barbados.

9. Sea urchin washed up on the sand.

10. Alex. My husband. Our days are so busy lately but he is the amazing man who makes our life here possible.

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