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Here and there #2

This month we've mostly been visiting the east coast. Whenever we get the chance. It's one of our favourite parts of the island, partly because it's so surprising in it's ruggedness, it's expansive beaches that remind us of home and the hilly coastline that surrounds it. It's the perfect place to head to on a Sunday afternoon armed with a few snacks and just watch the children as they explore, play and merge their imaginary worlds with such a stunning natural environment.

This month has also been a tough one for us, because a family who we were very close to, have left Barbados for Luxumbourg. But although we're already missing them loads we have plans to meet up with them in the summer - which should be fun! Having to constantly say goodbye to people you love is one of the hardest things about this transient life that we've chosen. And it's something that I'm going to write about more on here soon. Perhaps the best thing about making friends and seeing them leave is that you get to have lots more wonderful people in your lives and this particular family is certainly one of those - trite but true.

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