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52 project/ #4

52 Barbados: a weekly photographic record of each of my children in 2015, the year we're living in Barbados. Week #4

We've been busy here with visitors lately. Everybody - it seems - wants to escape the cold weather. On Saturday evening Alex and I had some time on our own with the kids. We headed down to the beach for a bit and then strolled back along the boardwalk . Alex and I had a rum punch (the kids had their favourite fruit punch) at Blakeys - watching the sea and the light change just before sunset.

Iris - Showing daddy the pieces of coral she'd found on the beach

Oscar - Beach ruffled and watching the sunset. Splashes of 'the best' fruit punch on his rash vest.

Lila - The sunset was incredible and she illuminated her in rich amber light for just a couple of minutes before it was over.

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